Being thankful for a teacher-

Who was your favorite teacher? Why were they your favorite teacher? What did you learn from that teacher or were they your favorite for a reason other than to learn? I do not remember too much about my school teachers; some were loud, some were quiet, one was very monotone, and some were young and some were old. I am who I am today, in a small way, because of those who dared to teach me! Jesus is without a doubt the greatest teacher to ever teach! Although I have never sat in a class taught by Jesus’ physical presence, I have heard him teach and have read his “papers” many times! Yes, Jesus is the author of math, science, sociology, manners, and anything else you would want to learn, but the greatest lesson I have learned from Jesus is that I need him! I need him so I can love, so I can be happy, so I can forgive, so I can be the salt and light he says I am!
Teachers teach and students learn, I am a student of the greatest teacher to ever teach! His name is Jesus Christ! Let him be your teacher today!