Flash mob in Willmar

Perhaps you have seen a video online of a flash mob singing and/or dancing in a very public place. I will admit that some can be very emotionally moving, especially the ones where the groups sing songs of praise to God! These events are planned out with every detail covered and practiced. I like to watch the reactions of the people who are not a part of the mob. The expressions on their faces are priceless, some are even moved to sing along, while still others will be moved to tears. I will often find myself in that last group, even as I watch a video that was recorded days or months earlier!
Palm Sunday is a real life event that was not planned nor was it practiced! It was truly spontanious! The Triumpal Entry to Jerusalem is recorded for us in the four Gospels. Matthew says a “very large crowd” was present, Mark simply says ‘many people”, Luke describes it with a little more detail when he says “a large crowd of disciples” were there, and John says it was a “large crowd”. None of the Gospel writers tell us what was the trigger that started the celebration… and we probably don’t need to know the answer to that question. What we do know is that a large crowd of people, many were Jesus’ disciples, moved by an unknown power (the Holy Spirit) began the worship session, and the energy of the crowd grew to the point that all of Jerusalem was shaken! This Sunday we will not be able to worship together, but that must not stop us from worshiping Jesus as our Lord! Let us be so bold in our declaration of Jesus, as Lord, that we shake the towns we call home!