Intensions vs Doing

Every day we wake up with a list of things we intend to accomplish . It may be going to work or shopping or calling a friend or having lunch with a co-worker. Every list is different, but yet many things are the same. At the end of the day, when we are thinking back on what we did or did not do, does your mind take you to your intended to do list? And you ask yourself, “Why didnn’t I do that?” In Matthew 25, Jesus tells tell parable of the sheep and goats, they are judged to be a sheep or a goat by what they did or din’t do! A staggering truth from Jesus! Paul writes that God prepares good deeds for us to do each day… another amazing thought about our God! We desires for us to be doers of love, not just intenders! Write down on thing you have been putting off, now go do it! You will fell better and God will smile, knowing you are His child!