Thanksgiving, an endless task!

Stop and think about the holiday we call Thanksgiving, and have you ever attempted to make a list of the things you are tahnkful for? You start with the STUFF, and OH do we have the stuff! Don’t forgwet anything! And don’t throw everything in to a big category… And when you are done with the STUFF, make a list of all the people/friends you have ever known! That’s right EVERYONE! And when you are done with that go to your FAMILY! And, yes, you must include those relatives who are on the naughty list! Don’t forget all the people that make up the CHURCH you attend EVERY Sunday! Now go to the store and buy another spiral nootebook, and when you get back home, let’s work on the Thanksgiving that really counts. So far everything we are thankful for has been temperary stuff. Now let’s work on the eternal… the life events that have brought you closer to the God who has so faithfully shown himself to you! Yes, go back to the beginning, Sunday School or family devotions or the friend who told you about God. And then remeember every life door God opened for you… and every door Him closed on you! I need a new pencil! And another notebook!! Thanksgiving is REMEBERING! Communion is remembering Jesus, and it is Thanksgiving at it best!