The sounds of Christmas

Christmas is like no other holiday! It has morphed from a day set aside to celebrate the birth of Jesus to a season of shopping, decorating the house, inside and out, and the giving of gifts. We, the church of Jesus Christ, must hold to the real reason for the day of celebrating. In our house, my wife uses the sounds of Christmas to keep her (us) focused on the message of Christ coming to earth asa baby. The songs of Christmas can be heard in her van or in our house for many days before and after the frenzy of shopping have passed, the decorations have been taken down, and the gifts have been returned.
The words of the songs remind us God sent His Son to bring us peace, salvation, and His kingdom! Have we heard the message?
We sing the message in O COme, O Come Emmanuel; The First Noel; Silent Night! Holky Night!; Joy to the World; Away in a Manger; and How Great Our Joy!. Sure they are just words in a hymnal, which we sing during the Advent season, but don’t forget them in March, April, or September! The mesage of the words is good for all seasons!