Why do you clean your house?

Several weeks ago I was in a conversation with a woman and the subject of cleaning her house came up. She seemed to enjoy cleaning, and I made a comment about that and she was quick to tell me she does not like to clean!! Rather shocked I asked, then, why does she spend time “cleaning” her house so thoroughly. Her reply was very simple and to the point, “I like to live in a clean house!” WOW!! What a concept, to live in a clean house you have to do some cleaning! This concept carries over to many areas of our lives, it isn’t easy to say “I’m sorry”, but without saying it, there will never be forgiveness! Never be healing of relationships, etc. Christians may not like to “DO” several things God has commanded us to do, we may find them uncomfortable, they may not fit of sweet spot, but when our Lord commands them, we do them! Why? Because He first loved us! And when I am obedient to His leading in my life, I find that I want to please Him more and more! His blessings are more important to me than my state of being uncomfortable! And soon I find myself liking and wanting to do whatever it is He instructs me to do!