Believe it or not

Do your rember the tv show Ripley’s Believe it or Not? It was an intrigueing show, they would show some very strange and bizzar subject matter, claiming to be real, and at the end each segment the announcer would say, “Believe it ir Not?!” Throwing the matter of truth back to you, would you believe the story or say “NO WAY!”? God has a story, it is about you, it is about your need for Him, it is about His need for you! It is in the Bible, from front to back the Bible is God’s letter to you. It tells of his love and care and how he has put it all together for you. THe Bible tells us we are sinners, that means in our nature, we are disobedient to God’s commands. It also tells us we cannot have fellowship with God while we are living in that state! The Bible tells us God has provided a way for us to have fellowship with him, and that it is through our faith and believing in Jesus Christ as God’s Son. When we confess with our mouths that Jesus is Lord, we will be saved from our sin. And the Bible promises we will live with God forever in heaven! That’s the Gospel message, Believe it or Not!?! Just like the tv show, you get to decide to believe or not.
Be careful with your decision… choose God!