Who are you?

THe question of “who are you” has been asked for many generations. Self itentity will be with us as long as there is someone asking the question. For Christians, those who follow Christ, we find the answer in God’s Word. We are called his children, his friend, heirs, and his ambassadors! Ambassador, the highest ranking representative of a KIng, President, Prime Minister, and government. An ambassador speaks for those who sent him/her. As ambassadors for Christ, we are to take the Gospel message to everyone we encounter. We are to speak it with love, grace, mercy, kindness, gentleness, self-control, etc.. May you be known in your community as an ambassador of CHrist!

Christmas, more than Walmart has to offer

We are in the first week of December, and signs of Christmas are everywhere! But what is it you see? Walk around the mall or go to Walmart and make note of what Christmas means to us! Yesterday afternoon, I asked the boys’ mentoring group what they saw as the signs of Christmas. Their answers were simular to what the mall or Walmart would give us. Christmas is Santa Claus, reindeer, snowmen, lights, candycanes, trees, toys, and everything BUT the birthday of Jesus! Yes, we did around to the true meaning of Christmas, God sent His Son to save us from our sins!(Matthew 1:21) We must keep Jesus in Christmas! Read the story from Matthew or Luke’s Gospels. Tell your children and grandchildren about the gift of being saved from your sins! Christmas is not Christmmas until we tell the true story of God’s love for us!

Jesus shows us how to love

February is the month of LOVE. Walk in to a store and all you see is Valentine’s stuff! Everything has a heart on it and red is everywhere. But is love more than stuff, well the answer is a loud “YES”! In John’s Gospel we see and hear JEsus talk and show love. Jesus shows us love with his WORDS of encouragement, compliments and even in his discipline of the men selling animals in the temple courts. But we know words are just words until they move us to action. Telling someone you love them is empty unless you back it up with actions. Do you LISTEN to them, do you show AFFECTION, do you give them your TIME? DO you give them GIFTS, do you HELP them with a project, do you FORGIVE them when something goes wrong? All are important elements in showing LOVE as Jesus did. Jesus is our perfect example of giving LOVE to those who need it! Examine how you show love to your friends and family… Be like JEsus!

looking good…

Christians believe God can get us to a place where we do not have to look good all the time, in our own eyes. Have you ever been around people who always have to win, always have to “look” better than anyone else in the room? The word “humility” does not, cannot exist for those who must the brightest bulb in the room!
We are not talking about how you comb or don’t comb your hair, or the style of clothes you wear. We are talking about the need to impress people, or how you react when you are losing a debate about some unimportant issue. Sometime we are guilty of thinking our worth is in how we “look” to others… In I Corinthians 13, Paul reminds us that God loves us perfectly! His love for us is not dependant upon how we look to others or how we see ourselves! Pure love comes from those who are not full of pride or do not need to boast about how great they are! None of us will look good all the time, yes we need to do our best, but in Christ we need to be free to be who He knows we are, sinners saved by grace!

The sounds of Christmas

Christmas is like no other holiday! It has morphed from a day set aside to celebrate the birth of Jesus to a season of shopping, decorating the house, inside and out, and the giving of gifts. We, the church of Jesus Christ, must hold to the real reason for the day of celebrating. In our house, my wife uses the sounds of Christmas to keep her (us) focused on the message of Christ coming to earth asa baby. The songs of Christmas can be heard in her van or in our house for many days before and after the frenzy of shopping have passed, the decorations have been taken down, and the gifts have been returned.
The words of the songs remind us God sent His Son to bring us peace, salvation, and His kingdom! Have we heard the message?
We sing the message in O COme, O Come Emmanuel; The First Noel; Silent Night! Holky Night!; Joy to the World; Away in a Manger; and How Great Our Joy!. Sure they are just words in a hymnal, which we sing during the Advent season, but don’t forget them in March, April, or September! The mesage of the words is good for all seasons!

Benefit for Jennifer Hahn

Please support this loving family by attending the benefit for Jennifer on October 29th, 3-7PM. At the VFW on Hwy 12 East in Willmar. See you there!!hahn-family

Green Lake Cruise

Our congregation was blessed with an amazing gift… a cruise on Green Lake which included FOOD! It was a beautiful afternoon and a geat time to connect with each other!boat-ride

Why do you clean your house?

Several weeks ago I was in a conversation with a woman and the subject of cleaning her house came up. She seemed to enjoy cleaning, and I made a comment about that and she was quick to tell me she does not like to clean!! Rather shocked I asked, then, why does she spend time “cleaning” her house so thoroughly. Her reply was very simple and to the point, “I like to live in a clean house!” WOW!! What a concept, to live in a clean house you have to do some cleaning! This concept carries over to many areas of our lives, it isn’t easy to say “I’m sorry”, but without saying it, there will never be forgiveness! Never be healing of relationships, etc. Christians may not like to “DO” several things God has commanded us to do, we may find them uncomfortable, they may not fit of sweet spot, but when our Lord commands them, we do them! Why? Because He first loved us! And when I am obedient to His leading in my life, I find that I want to please Him more and more! His blessings are more important to me than my state of being uncomfortable! And soon I find myself liking and wanting to do whatever it is He instructs me to do!


The following is a list of items being given away by the Red Cross: bucket, bleach, scrubbers, sponges, mops, brooms, long-handled squeegees, garbage bags, and latex gloves.

The race!

The race!